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In a world where instant messaging and smartphones are prevalent and often the norm for people of all ages and genders, the opportunities in the mobile messaging field are wide open. Zentech SMS provides a dynamic and affordable means of reaching millions of people through text messages.

As an automated marketing medium, Zentech SMS can help you save a huge amount of time and money, freeing you and your staff to focus on other crucial areas of your business. Our solutions are a perfect match for your marketing campaigns, advertising, announcements, promotions and so much more!


Why Zentech SMS?

Our solutions will take your mobile marketing to the next level

Guaranteed Accountability

Every message you send will be accounted for and traceable. No SMS message will be lost or delayed due to roaming routes or anti-spam blocking, which is common with cheap overseas SMS routes.

Phone Number Filtering

Whether you want to send a message to all the customers on your software or phone contacts, our experts can filter and convert the numbers into a sendable format for your campaign.

Super Fast Response

The Zentech SMS response team will answer your calls live and resolve your problems within 24 hours. We can troubleshoot issues remotely and, if necessary, come over to your office to get things fixed.

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