About Us

Zentech IT Solutions is a practical information technology consultancy and solutions provider, which develops systems and software. We provide IT support, training, project management and strategic business solutions to improve our clients’ business processes.

What is Zentech SMS?

Zentech SMS was started as a product of Zentech IT Solutions, but due to its potentials and many rising opportunities in the mobile messaging field, it was considered by the board and registered as a standalone company to provide mobile and voice service to its clients.

We offer a number of affordable yet powerful messaging solutions that allow you to promote your brand and products to millions of potential customers, or reach out to employees, members, and students. But that’s not all. It’s not enough that you are simply provided with a means of sending out massive amounts of text messages. Without measuring tools, there is no real way to see the effectiveness of your messaging campaigns. At Zentech SMS, we provide you with a complete set of analytical tools to interpret data and give you a better understanding of your target group.