Bulk SMS

Zentech SMS’s Bulk SMS service is a dynamic and affordable means of reaching thousands of people through text messages in one go. This is very economical compared to other SMS services available or using the local SMS services providers. Our solution is ideal for SMS marketing, advertising, announcements, promotions or even political purposes.

Features of Zentech SMS’s Bulk SMS include:

  • No limitations - text messages can be sent within a few seconds, even if your database contains thousands of mobile numbers
  • .TXT file support - customer contacts can be entered manually in a phonebook or uploaded by .TXT files
  • Scheduled messages - you can schedule SMS messages to be sent at a later date, either as a one-off or repeatedly
  • Personalised messages - include the message recipient’s name and other details when sending out SMS to multiple numbers

Our Bulk SMS solution can be used for many purposes by different categories of professionals. In the following list, you can find some examples of how our customers use our product.

Commercial enterprises

The most common use for commercial businesses is to send greeting messages during holidays. Furthermore, many companies choose to inform their customers about special offers, new products and services, or maybe a reminder that the ordered products are ready for pickup.

IT companies

Software companies and Internet providers use our Bulk SMS application to inform their customers and subscribers for known software bugs, scheduled times of server maintenance, or password reminders.

Educational institutions

Private schools, colleges and language schools are able to inform students and parents about meetings, changes in dates of courses and examinations, students' absences and payment reminders.


Organizations, clubs, foundations and associations can send out text messages to provide information on renewal subscriptions and new activities, invitations to events, meetings and gatherings.


Churches and religious organizations can reach their members to inform them about upcoming activities. This can also be used as a follow up on members or even as a means of sending inspirational messages.

Local authorities

Townships, municipalities and cultural centers use Bulk SMS to inform employees about meetings and other decisions, as well as citizens on the implementation of social policy programs.

Banks and brokers

Financial institutions send SMS to inform their customers about the transactions of their account, to send PINs for Internet banking and information on shares.

Employment agencies

Employment agencies use SMS to inform about new jobs updates, new candidates, interview schedules and recruitment status.

Real estate business

Many real estate agents inform their clients by sending SMS when new properties appear on the market that might interest them.

Airlines and travel agencies

Airlines provide information on possible changes to flight schedules, booking information, new offers and other services.


Hotels use Bulk SMS in order to send booking confirmations and offers on travel packages and new promotions.

Advertising companies

By sending bulk SMS, ad agencies can promote any marketing campaigns to their target customers.