Cloud SMS Platform

Zentech SMS’s RouteSms platform supports different approaches to cloud-based operations, both private and hosted third-party solutions. Our solution includes virtual short messaging services center (SMSC) functionality that enables the hosting of several servers on a single hardware cluster. The solution even makes it possible to operate a separate SMSC for an individual enterprise customer if needed. With a product architecture adapted to the needs of multi-network operators, functionality can be shared between all virtual SMSCs with service configuration specific to each market.

Full range of professional services

For private cloud deployments, RouteSms provides integration services to ensure a successful deployment. Our dedicated team of experts are on hand, ready to help you with any implementation issues that may arise.

Hosted SMSC solutions

Our hosted SMSC solutions provide an attractive alternative for mobile operators wanting to purchase SMS capacity rather than investing in a dedicated hardware-based system. We support integration of our hosted virtual SMSC directly to mobile operator networks, online charging, BSS and OSS infrastructure, to create a seamless solution for scalable SMS delivery. By enforcing capacity limits for each virtual SMSC, we can ensure that traffic is not negatively affected by peaks in other RouteSms hosted SMSCs.

Cloud messaging allows carriers, enterprises, and other organizations to minimize capital expenditures for requisite hardware and software as well as operating costs associated with non-stop operation - all while expediting deployment timelines.

Benefits of Zentech SMS’s Cloud SMS Platform include:

  • No installation fee, and charging based on TPS only
  • Seamless integration with operators and aggregators over SMPP
  • Highly scalable and redundant platform, providing operational continuity assurances for your enterprise
  • Complete end-to-end interoperability to the mobile carrier's network
  • SMS / MSU count daily reports
  • Route management and filtering options