Corporate SMS Solutions

Following recent advances in secured Internet technology and the proliferation of mobile technology, Corporate SMS Solutions have become the industry-class trend for the provisioning of useful customer data and service support.

Banks, insurance, government and other corporate institutions all over the world are harnessing the power of SMS technologies to conveniently establish direct access to customers.

Corporate SMS Solutions from Zentech SMS give you the power to:

  • Improve customer service provision
  • Communicate in real time
  • Reduce operating costs and
  • Generate sales

Our Corporate SMS Solutions enable businesses to deliver SMS messages securely, reliably and instantly to any mobile device with SMS capabilities anywhere through:

  • SMS alerts
  • SMS marketing
  • Bulk SMS
  • Third-party SMS integration

Zentech SMS’s flexible SMS gateway allows third party applications to send messages over secure IP SMS technology (usually SMPP) or over a secured HTTP(s) or application API’s. This ensures that every message will reach your intended recipients without fail.