SMS Hubbing

SMS hubbing is a new structure for the international flow of SMS between operators. Mobile virtual network operators (MNVOs) are reshaping the way that international mobile interoperability works by implementing hubs to intermediate SMS traffic and to offer a larger SMS coverage.

Zentech SMS’s hubbing enables a broad international SMS coverage for mobile operators through dedicated multiple hosted SMS centers worldwide. We can strengthen your standard interconnection security to prevent fraudsters and spammers from finding their way into the system and deliver unsolicited messages to mobile subscribers.

Benefits of our SMS Hubbing include:

  • Operators looking to increase their international SMS coverage won’t need to manage multiple bi-lateral agreements
  • Mobile operators can connect to RouteSms Hub to reduce complexity and cost for SMS interworking agreements
  • SIGTRAN,SS7,SMPP,CMID2 protocol connectivity
  • Postpaid billing model for operators and MVNOs
  • Complete coverage with operator wise pricing
  • Unlimited throughput
  • Complete MIS reporting for billing and other reports