I tried Zentechsms for my church to send messages and I was able to greet each member by their name. When my pastor told them who sent the massages because of our vast membership, people started thinking that I spent the whole night up typing each persons name. Zentechsms taught me how to set up ...Read More


I used Zentechsms to send daily "Have you had your aloe today" messages to my contacts 2000 at a go and random numbers, every week i make sales from that action. The great thing is I don't have to do it manually.


We meet every Sunday at 3pm for a meeting at Kasoa for our development meetings, sometimes especially in the rainy season, the place is so muddy and dangerous we needed a solution to inform our member of other meeting places or if we cannot meet. Zentech sms proved cost effective and we are happy ...Read More


Our wedding was in two weeks, we did not even print our invitation cards yet. Zentech sms helped Steve and I to take the contacts off our phones and send messages to all our friends, we sent the invitation cards to the most important people and our wedding was a success, thanks to Zentechsms.

...Read More